Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Administrasi singkat SUN Fire E25K

Berikut list administrasi super singkat tapi mudah-mudahan bisa digunakan oleh anda semua, berguna untuk administrasi server kelas high end SunFire E25K..memang tidak komplit banget,jadi maafkan saya yg bodoh ini.

How many domains 15/25k can support ?
18 domains

How many groups exist on platform ?
Three -> platadm,platoper,platsvc

How many types of groups exists on domains
Two. -> dmnadmn,dmnarcfg

What is the command used to add user to a group ?
Smsconfig –a –u username –G platadm platform

what is the command to list the users ?
smsconfig –l platform

How to check the platform information ?

How to login to domain console from sms console ?
Console –d A

What are the different paths through which sc can communicate to domain ?
- Through I1 Man network
- Through IOSRAM

How we can toggle communication between I1 to IOSRAM incase if the domain console hangs ?

How to disconnect domain console ?

How to break to domain OK prompt ?

How do you access the system controller if it hangs ?
Issue smsconnectsc from sparesc

How do you reset the System controller ?
Issue resetsc from another sc

How do you remove user from a group ?
Smsconfig –r –u username –G platadm platform

Whats the command to use to update the flash ?

What command to use to reset domain from sc?
reset –d A

How to stop and restart SMS ?
/etc/init.d/sms stop
/etc/init.d/sms start

What is the main daemon which starts reset of the SMS daemons ?
Ssd ( Sms Startup Daemon )

How many daemons running on SMS ?
13 ( dsmd,efe,esmd,fomd,frad,hwad,kmd,mand,mld,osd,pcd,ssd,tmd)

How many agents running on SMS ?
2 ( dca , dxs)

Where are the log files located for platform messages ?

Where are the log files located for Domain messages ?

Where are the log files located for Domain console ?

How to make the boards available to the domain ?
Setupplatform –d A SB0 IO0

Whats the minimum requirement for a domain setup?
1. At leaset one CPU board with Memory
2. At least one IO board
3. At least one board with network interface

How to Add name to domain ?
addtag –d A testname

How to delete domain tag ?
deletetag –d A testname

How to add board to domain from system controller ?
Addboard –d A SB0

How to just assign board to domain from system controller ?
Addboard –d A -c assign SB0

How to remove and reconfigure board from a domain from system controller ?
Deleteboard SB0

How to just unassign the board from domain from system controller ?
Deleteboard–c unassign SB0

How to move boards between the domain from system controller ?
Moveboard –d A SB1

How to remove all instances of previously active domain ?
Sc0:> setdefaults –d A

How to check the boards status ?

How to obtain the domain status ?
Showplatform –d B

How to set date for sc ?
Setdate xxxxxxxxxx

How to set date for domain from sc ?
setdate –d B xxxxxxxxx

How to display the date on sc ?

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