Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to use XPINFO

What is xpinfo?
xpinfo is tools to provides a mapping between the device file(s) on server and the associated port and ldev on the SureStore E XP Disk Array. By default, this utility will provide a name cross reference of all luns connected to the array.

 How to use?
[root@myserver]# ./xpinfo --help Usage: xpinfo -[tuv] -[l|p] -[i|c|m|h|r|d[char]|z|n] [-f raw_device] [-X [raw_device]] -D 
[root@myserver ~ ]# ./xpinfo -v 
LINUX Xpinfo,v 22.00.00 2011-06-29 
[root@myserver ~ ]# ./xpinfo -il > /root/outputgw.txt 
[root@myserver ~ ]# ls -ltr | grep outputgw.txt 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 23523 Sep 12 06:19 outputgw.txt 

[root@myserver ~ ]# more outputgw.txt

Device File                 ALPA Tgt Lun Port  CU:LDev Type             Serial#
/dev/sdke                    00  06  00  CL2A  01:00  OPEN-V           00029642
/dev/sdkf                    00  05  00  CL1A  01:00  OPEN-V           00029642
/dev/sdkc                    00  05  00  CL1N  01:00  OPEN-V           00029642
/dev/sdkd                    00  07  00  CL2N  01:00  OPEN-V           00029642
... truncated ...

Manual for XPINFO ?

xpinfo - Enhanced SCSI Inquiry for SureStore E XP Disk Array

xpinfo -[tu] [-v] -[l|p] -[i|c|h|m|r|d[char]] [-f raw_device]

xpinfo provides a mapping between the device file(s) on HP-UX and the
associated port and ldev on the SureStore E XP Disk Array. By
default, this utility will provide a name cross reference of all luns
connected to the array.

-c Displays Continuous Access and Business Copy volume
designation information. Data fields include: subsystem
number, CT group number, CA volume designation, and BC
volume designation for each of the three MU numbers.

Displays a single line of data per logical device.
Each data field is delimited by a comma or by 'char' if
specified. The ordering of the data fields is as follows:
device_file, target_id, LUN_id, port_id, CU:LDev, type,
device_size, serial#, code_rev, subsystem, CT_group, CA_vol,
BC0_vol, BC1_vol, BC2_vol, ACP_pair, RAID_level, RAID_group,
disk1, disk2, disk3, disk4, model, port_WWN, ALPA.
Fields for which the data is either not available or not
applicable for the device are displayed as "---".

-f raw_device
Report information only for the specified logical device.
By default (-f not specified), this tool will report on
all "OPEN" type devices.

-h Displays this help message.

-i Displays identification information. Data fields
include: ALPA, target id, LUN id, port id, LDev number,
LUN type (product id) and serial number.

-l Sort output by LDev number.

-m Displays model information. Data fields include:
model id, emulation type, size, serial number and
firmware revision.

-p Sort output by Port number.

-r Displays RAID configuration information. Data fields
include: ACP pair number, RAID level, RAID group, and
disk mechanisms.

-t Display Target, Lun, CU and LDev id's in decimal format.
The default is to display in hexadecimal format.

-u Create report using updated ioscan list. By default, the
report is created using the kernel image of the last ioscan.

-v Display xpinfo version. The -v option has precedence over
all other options. If the -v option is specified along with
other output options, only the xpinfo revision is displayed.

By default, (options i,c,m,r,d not specified) xpinfo will display in
verbose format.

The following command will provide a mapping of the disk device file

xpinfo -f /dev/rdsk/c116t2d1

which results in the following output:

Device File : /dev/rdsk/c116t2d1 Model : XP512
Port : CL2C Serial # : 00030057
Host Target : 02 Code Rev : 0116
Array LUN : 11 Subsystem : 0004
CU:LDev : 00:11 CT Group : ---
Type : OPEN-3 CA Volume : SMPL
Size : 2347 MB BC0 (MU#0) : SMPL
ALPA : da BC1 (MU#1) : SMPL
Loop Id : 07 BC2 (MU#2) : SMPL
SCSI Id : --- RAID Level : RAID5
FC-LUN : 4011000000000000 RAID Group : 1-2
Port WWN : 500060e802756912 ACP Pair : 1
Disk Mechs : R101 R111 R121 R131

This is the verbose format output, which includes all data gathered
for the device.


1. If the LUN is not paired for Async, then the CT Group number
is displayed as "---".

2. For Fibre Channel attach LUNs the Target field provides the
FC-AL Loop ID and the LUN field provides the FCP_LUN ID.

3. Fields for which the data is either not available or not

applicable for the device are displayed as "---".

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