Monday, August 31, 2009

About VXassist

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1. Creating a Volume
1.1 Creating a Concatenated Volume
1.2 Creating a Striped Volume
1.3 Creating a RAID-5 Volume
2. Extending a Volume
2.1 Extending a volume up to certain length,
2.2 Extending by a Given Length
3. Shrinking a Volume
3.1 Shrinking to a Given Length
3.2 Shrinking by a Given Length
4. Removing a Volume
5. Mirroring a Volume
5.1 Creating & Mirroring a New Volume
5.2 Mirroring an Existing Volume
5.3 Mirroring All Volumes

6. Removing a Mirror
7. Adding a RAID-5 Log
8. Adding a DRL Log
9. Removing a RAID-5 Log
10.Preparing a Volume for Online Backup
11.Displaying Volume Configuration Information

The vxassist utility in Veritas Volume Manager is used to create volumes, add mirrors and logs to existing volumes, extend and shrink existing volumes, provides for the migration of data from a specified set of disks, and provides facilities for the on-line backup of existing volumes.
The default behavior of vxassist is to create volumes in the rootdg diskgroup if diskgroup is not specified . The default length is taken as number of blocks but this can be specified in Kilobytes orMegabytes or Gigabytes.

vxassist command syntax :


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