Thursday, January 07, 2010

How to clear CHS in sun server

Here are the steps to solving clear CHS (Component Healty Status):
1. lom> service

The use of service commands can be destructive and destabilize the system.
Use of service mode is authorized only by personnel trained in its use.

Enter Password:
lom [service]>
lom [service]> showchs-b
Component Status
--------------- --------
/ N0/RP0 Suspect
/ N0/RP2 Suspect
/ N0/SB2 Suspect

2.lom [service]> OK setchs-s-r "OK"-c / N0/RP0
3.lom [service]> showchs-b
Component Status
--------------- --------
/ N0/RP2 Suspect
/ N0/SB2 Suspect
4.lom [service]> OK setchs-s-r "OK"-c / N0/RP2
5.lom [service]> OK setchs-s-r "OK"-c / N0/SB2
6.lom [service]> showchs-b
Component Status
--------------- --------
lom [service]>
7.lom [service]> showchs-v-c / N0/RP2
Total # of records: 1
Component: / N0/RP2
Time Stamp: Thu Jan 03 07:39:34 PST 2006
New Status: OK
Old Status: Suspect
Event Code: Field Engineer Status Supplied
Initiator: Field Engineer
Message: OK
8.lom [service]> console
Localhost console login:
9.root@localhost # eeprom diag-level=mem2
10. root@localhost # eeprom auto-boot=false
11. init 0
12.lom> poweroff
13. lom>poweron ---> take approximately 1.5 hours
14. ok setenv diag-level min
15. ok boot

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