Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Setting SC SunFire T2000

Langkah-langkahnya sebagai berikut :
1. Connect ke serial management port (lihat gambar diatas)
2. Masukan User + password
3. Mulai setup System Console

sc> setupsc
Entering Interactive setup mode. To exit and discard changes to that point, use Ctrl-C or to exit and save changes to that point, use Ctrl-Z.
Do you wish to configure the enabled interfaces [y]? y

Should the SC network interface be enabled [y]? y
Should the SC email alerts be enabled [y]? n
Do you wish to configure the network interface [y]? y
Should the SC use DHCP to obtain its network configuration [n]? n
Enter the SC IP address []?
Enter the SC IP netmask []?
Enter the SC IP gateway address []?
Do you wish to configure the network management interfaces [y]? y
Enter the number of mail servers to configure [0]? 0
Do you wish to configure the SC parameters [y]? y
Enter any customer data for this platform (maximum of 40 characters) []? MyCompany
Enter the console session escape sequence (2 characters). The first character can be any printable characters or control-A through control-Y except for control-C, control-D, control-H, control-J, or control-M. The second character must be a ".". [#.]? #.
Enter level of events to be displayed over the CLI where valid settings are 0 (none), 1 (critical), 2 (critical and major) and 3 (critical, major and minor) [2]? 2
Should poweron sequencing be enabled [y]? y
Enter the SC cli prompt (maximum of 16 characters) [sc]? Myhost-sc
Enter the SC CLI timeout in seconds (maximum of 10000s) [0]? 0
Should password entry echo '*'s [y]? y
Your ALOM configuration profile has been successfully completed. To activate your network configuration, please reset the SC.

sc> resetsc
Are you sure you want to reset the SC [y/n]? y
User Requested SC Shutdown


Dual Port Memory Test, PASSED.

TTY External - Internal Loopback Test

TTY External - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.

TTYC - Internal Loopback Test

TTYC - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.

TTYD - Internal Loopback Test

TTYD - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.

Memory Data Lines Test
Memory Data Lines Test, PASSED.

Memory Address Lines Test
Slide address bits to test open address lines
Test for shorted address lines
Memory Address Lines Test, PASSED.

Boot Sector FLASH CRC Test
Boot Sector FLASH CRC Test, PASSED.

Return to Boot Monitor for Handshake
Status = 00007fff

Returned from Boot Monitor and Handshake

Loading the runtime image... VxWorks running. Starting Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.1.6 Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. Use is subject to license terms. Current mode: NORMAL
Attaching network interface lo0... done.
Attaching network interface motfec0.... done. Booting from Segment 0

SC Alert: SC System booted.

Full VxDiag Tests

Read the TOD Clock: SUN AUG 11 18:40:27 2002
Wait, 1 - 3 seconds
Read the TOD Clock: SUN AUG 11 18:40:29 2002

50 BYTE PACKET - a 0 in field of 1's.
50 BYTE PACKET - a 1 in field of 0's.
900 BYTE PACKET - pseudo-random data.

Full VxDiag Tests - PASSED

login :

MyHost-sc >

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